Dr Katherine Antel

Dr Katherine AntelPulmonology

South Africa

Dr Katherine Antel is a Specialist Physician and Clinical Haematologist, currently working at Groote Schuur Hospital and UCT Private Hospital.  She has been awarded a Fogarty Health Fellowship to do research in HIV lymphoma.  She is currently doing a PhD, in the diagnosis of lymphoma in a TB and HIV endemic setting.  Dr Antel has recently started a lymph node biopsy clinic at Groote Schuur Hospital when an ultrasound-guided core needle biopsy method is employed and lymph node tissue is investigated for TB with new TB molecular tests, and histology.

This intervention is an attempt to try and improve the time-to-diagnosis of lymphoma. Also as part of her PhD research, she is investigating factors related to tumour biology in HIV lymphomas such as macrophage activation in HIV Hodgkin lymphoma and the genetic landscape of HIV + diffuse large B-cell lymphoma.