Abstract submission for the WCIM 2018 is now open.

Abstract Guidelines

 The Deadline for Abstract Submission has been extended to 30 June 2018.

Abstract Title is limited to 20 words.
Abstract Body is limited to 250 words.
Abstract Body only Arial font, size 12, using sentence case
Tables must be created in the system directly and cannot be added as an attachment.
Each cell has to be copied into the system separately.

  • Special characters will not be copied properly.
  • To insert special characters please use the “Insert Character” icon.
  • Text formatting is removed when copying the text.
  • To keep the formatting, please use the “Insert Formatting” drop-down menu as follows:
  • Choose “Line break” to continue the text in the next row.
  • Choose “New Paragraph” to continue the text after two rows. Please use this instead of the “ENTER” button.
  • Choose the relevant line from the list in order to format your text with the Bold/Italic/Underline options.
  • After entering the abstract title and text, click the “Next” button and preview your abstract with the final formatting. Make any necessary changes.

submit your abstract

Note to all Poster submitters:

The abstracts accepted for poster presentation will be presented as E-posters (Electronic poster presentation).
Once your E-posters abstracts are accepted, you will be asked to submit them also as a PDF file.
Note that these presentations are limited to 6 slides, please do not include any transitions between slides.


All abstracts will be forwarded for the Scientific Committee’s review. If an abstract is accepted, the presenting author must register.
Authors who submit an abstract but fail to register by 31 July 2018 run the risk of having their abstracts withdrawn from the Scientific Programme.
The abstracts accepted for poster presentation will be presented as E-posters (Electronic poster presentation)
Letters of acceptance will be sent. If you have not received any notification, please contact the secretariat: secretariat@wcim2018.com

Consent to upload Abstract, Presentation Material or lecture’s video
The Congress reserves the right to publish on the conference website:

  • Some or all abstracts in HTML or PDF format
  • Some or all of the presentations in PDF format
  • Some of all recordings/videos/photographs of the lectures

Important Notice to submitters

  • We will adjudicate each abstract presented, there is no limit on the number of abstracts which can be submitted by a participant
  • Please note: There are no sponsorship opportunities available for abstract presenters, we encourage you to contact your local association or pharma companies to support your registration and travel.
  • Oral presentations will be decided on once the 10 best abstracts are chosen and the 4 best on each topic will have the opportunity to do an oral presentation. This oral session will be on Saturday afternoon in each track and the details will be sent to the winners once they have been chosen.
  • If your abstract is not chosen for oral presentation but still in the top 10 in each subspecialist area, you will then have your abstract included on the e-posters in the exhibition hall where delegates can download them.
  • Abstracts will be divided into the subspecialist areas: Critical care, cardiovascular, endocrinology, pulmonology, neurology, rheumatology, immunology, infectious diseases, nephrology and hypertension